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 Cell Phone Repairs In MS


Is your cell phone screen damaged? Did you lose the sound on your I-Phone? Are you looking for someone who can perform excellent Cell phone repairs in Jackson Metro Area? Static's Gadgets has all the solutions to all the problems that you have with your hand held electronic devices.

Throwing away your cell phone is not the only option when you’ve got a cracked screen or a damaged phone. Why dump your cell phone when you can get your cell phone repaired by our experienced technicians in Richland, MS?

We understand that a damaged cell phone can cause you many problems. Issues like losing a client, losing a connection with important people, emergency phone calls and many more, are inevitable when your phone is damaged.

We have a team of professional technicians that can perform any kind of phone repair and replacement of smart phones and hand held devices in Richland.

To match with the ever growing technology, we keep ourselves updated with the latest phone operating systems and techniques to repair them. We also upgrade our equipment more frequently for better services.

Please feel free to contact us at 601-487-8979 for any inquiries that you may have regarding our services. Our customer service representative at Static's Gadgets will be more than happy to help you.

iPhone 6 /6s/6+ /6s+ Repair

Image result for iphone 6s broken

iPhone 6s plus lcd and glass repair $195

iPhone 6  LCD Screen repair $115

iPhone 6 plus  LCD repair $175

Logic Board repair: wont power on $125

Touch will not respond for iPhone 6/6 plus (touch ic replacement)$120(sometimes works,sometimes not)

 iphone 6/6+ charging ic (u2 ic) repair $95

iphone 6/6s Baseband repair $135(always searching, no signal)

iphone 6/6 + backlight repair $125

   iPhone 5/5s/5c Repair

Iphone 5s s Broken

iPhone 5/5c  Glass LCD Repair $70

iPhone 5s/SE   LCD repair $75

Logic Board Repair:For iPhone 5s blue screen repair starting $75 or up

For iPhone 5s/5c u2 charging issue repair $75

symptoms: will not charge on Apple chargers, discharge is fast.

Our Main Services


Warranty does not cover any physical damage( crack glass or crack LCD) and liquid damage.