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TV Mount Installation in Madison, MS

TV Mount Install

Statics Gadgets provides TV Mount Installs in Madison, Brandon, Jackson, MS and surrounding areas. All tv mount installations come with a 1 year warranty whether you buy a TV Mount from us or you provide your own. Statics Gadgets provides a wide range of products and solutions in addition to award-winning service for residents and businesses in Madison, MS and surrounding areas.


Flat Screen TV Mounting:

Sheetrock and Brick Wall mounting service for Flat
Screen TV, including: LCD, Plasma, LED,
Digital Signage & PC Monitors.

Tabletop TV Setup:

Connection and education for your Rear Projector, DLP or Flat Screen  

On-Site Consultation:

Not sure what you want or you need some help to figure out
the best solution? We can come to you and figure it out.

In-Wall Wire:

We can conceal cables and wires inside the wall and/or above the fireplace.

Electrical/Power Outlet:

Relocate or install new electrical outlet hidden behind your TV or for your devices. 

Cable Drops:

Relocate or install a new cable or satellite line (co-ax), data or internet (cat 5) or phone line.