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Garage Door Opener with MyQ Technology

Garage Door Openers in MS

Whether you want a new garage door opener because of new smartphone app capabilities, your old one is worn out or you want a quiet motor, Statics Gadgets will install it for you. Our professional technicians are trained in all aspects of garage door opener installation, replacement and repair. We have been servicing garage door openers in MS for 15 years.

Nothing is more frustrating than to wake up in the morning when you are trying to get to work in time and find out that your garage door opener is not working. We at Statics Gadgets understand the need for a fast garage door opener repair service that will get your life back on track.

Our techs and trucks are well equipped and ready to repair or replace your garage door opener. We carry different kinds of garage doors openers that meet any need and budget and all of them are backed up with a manufacturer warranty.